Ultimate Audio Reproduction

Malcolm Hill Associates are venturing back into the studio scene with the S1 - a quad driver, self powered monitor designed for studio specialists, by studio specialists.

The Studio box is currently in testing stages - whereby we allow a select few associates to use the product and ensure it meets the market. This stage is exciting as it allows customers to get to grips with what we have so far and put their own mark on what is lacking. As shown in the picture, the studio box will feature a total of four drivers, with very specific crossover frequencies.
A rear facing sub driver will give an extra kick to tracks if needed, but can be turned off via a switch on the rear.
The front features a black anodised custom HF shallow waveguide. We believe optimised sound to be a waveguide that does not colour sound output, but simply helps to direct it. Directly underneath this, we use our leading 5 inch driver for mid frequencies. This driver has proved time and time again that it is the ultimate in sound precision for the studio box. Finally a front-facing sub 6inch gives tight response kick and low end punch to produce a truly seamless sound output experience.

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