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The M1 cabinet legacy has gone through a variety of alterations in its time which have improved versatility, sound quality, and reliability. The MS1 takes this to new levels with a completely new set of drivers and design parameters.

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15" Sub

For a compact stage design, the MS115 can go where the MS218 or MS118 just can't. A dimension smaller than the MS118 but still with impressive capability while still sticking to the classic Hill taper-reflex design.

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18" Sub

The MS118 boasts impressive power output in a remarkably compact, self-powered format. Internal drive power comes from the ultra-linear, studio specification, world renowned, Chameleon technology amplifier.

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Dual 18" Sub

MS218 delivers classic dual-18 punch within ultra-compact dimensions, and at a very comfortable weight. This extreme level of performance is made possible by the ulta-fast, ultra-precision, Neodymium powered 18 inch drivers.

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