Live sound, as it should be

Malcolm Hill Associates exists to design and build the best professional sound equipment on the planet - no compromises. We keep all design and manufacturing here in Britain to ensure the customer is always getting the quality they should expect from a Hill product. Every aspect of a Hill designed cabinet is painstakingly considered to give the absolute best in terms of faithful sound quality, technical performance, and user experience. If it's not the best, then it's not Malcolm Hill Associates.


designing the future

Innovative designing is at the forefront of all Malcolm Hill Associates products; from spending countless hours choosing the best components through to multiple prototypes. The design methods and practices we use today are identical to those used by Malcolm Hill over the past 5 decades in which audacious projects have paved the way for a combination of modern day technology with unparalleled levels of sound quality.

careful listening

How long it takes to develop a Hill product however, is not what makes the product. All team members entering into Malcolm Hill Associates learn a vital lesson very quickly; gauge quality with ears, not eyes. We could spend forever making our products seem great on paper but ultimately the only test that will ever do justice to a Hill product is to listen.


where we go

We take our customer satisfaction and reputation very seriously. Every product is ensured with a five year warranty to start, yet we happily service products decades old. When our customers invest with Hill, they are not only purchasing into a world class product - they enter a world of reliability, passionate manufacturing, and intimate product support.

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